LETTER: Theatre creates a shared community experience in the digital age

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015

By Amber Marie Rose

I am fairly new to the Culpeper community. I opened Marie School of Ballet on Aug. 25, 2014 in downtown Culpeper. When it came to opening Marie School of Ballet in Culpeper, I was extremely excited. I could give children the type of training that was not available to me when I was a child in a small community AND The State Theatre — a beautiful venue offering so much opportunity to the students — was right across the street.

Some are questioning the value of The State Theatre in our community. I think it is very easy to take a performing arts venue for granted in the tech savvy world we live in today. I also believe that it has become easy for many to take our museums and galleries, community theatre, choral and instrumental groups, individual artists, ballet companies and many more for granted. They are here, so who cares if you attend and support them or not?
You know who cares? The directors, the performers, the makers and the funders and, most importantly, my students.
We live in a community full and rich with so much talent in the arts, but we have to do more than acknowledge that they are here in this charming town. We have to attend, support, promote and encourage the State Theatre so that they are still here next year, in five years, and in 50 years!

Why does The State Theatre make profound artistic sense to the Culpeper community? Here’s why:

The experience of live theatre, music and ballet performed by our community’s accomplished artists, young and old, is a powerful, shared experience. The State Theatre has and will continue to creatively engage our community in many ways. I will continue to support the State Theatre and treasure the future it brings to the Culpeper community.

Amber Marie Rose, owner/artistic director of Marie School of Ballet