LETTER: School board supports the State Theatre

Posted by on Dec 28, 2015

by Culpeper County School Board

The Culpeper County School Board would like to add its support to the efforts to save the State Theatre and encourages the public to support this valuable asset as well!

The State Theatre Board and staff have made a concerted effort to provide a variety of educational opportunities for the students of Culpeper and surrounding counties. From a program on physics to movies like “The Polar Express,” the students have an opportunity to see a live performance or a show without having to travel great distances. This saves instructional time and makes it more affordable for all.

For some of these students it is the first time they have ever been in a theater or seen a live performance. The State Theatre staff has worked to coordinate the programs with required curriculum, giving our teachers an opportunity to supplement what they do in the classroom.

Our special needs students have been given the opportunity to come and enjoy a movie where they can relax and experience the theater in a way not possible in other theaters. They have the theater to themselves so they can sit on the floor, in a seat or feel free to move around.

The State Theatre also has provided a venue for the spring art shows for both the elementary and secondary schools. The secondary school art show is done in conjunction with the choral concert. The place is packed with parents, grandparents, siblings and others who are proud of what their children have done and want to support and encourage our local talent.

Several school groups have toured the Arts & Culture Center exhibits in the Fresh AIR Gallery at the State Theatre. Some of these students would not have the chance to see the work of professional artists any other place. Our students have attended the Washington Balalaika Society Concert, the Air Force Jazz Band Concert and an evening with Jerry Lewis among other programs! They have the opportunity to attend live performances in a real theater and see professional artwork in their home town.

Finally, The State Theatre provides an economic benefit to the community.  When the theater has events, local restaurants are booked and shops are busy. Additional tax revenues are generated which helps our local governments to provide the much needed services, including education.

The State Theatre, in the short time since it has been renovated, has had a huge impact on our community and our students.  We know that it will have an even greater impact in the future with expanded educational opportunities for children and adults! The possibilities are endless working with The State Theatre! We support The State Theatre in their efforts to keep the doors open.  We hope you will, too!

Anne Luckinbill, Robert Houck, Elizabeth Hutchins, Robert Beard, Betsy Smith, Michelle North and Nate Clancy

Culpeper County School Board