LETTER: Save the State Theater

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015

By Dan Goldstein

Being new to the community of Culpeper, I have never enjoyed a show or movie at the State Theater. However, in my short time with Culpeper Renaissance, Inc., I have been overwhelmed with the number of people that have memories and stories of their first date, movie or show at the State Theater (including my Mom, who as a little girl in 1950 was driven from Fredericksburg to sing in a chorus performance at the theater).

To say that the State is a part of the history and fabric of this community is an understatement. Very few towns are as lucky as Culpeper to have a wonderful historic theater and performing arts space that this town has. Many of these old theaters have been torn down or gutted. The original Pitts Theater in Fredericksburg is such a place. No longer a theater and no longer configured as one, it now serves as shops. The only thing that remains is the façade.

We are fortunate to have an original, restored and fully operational theater in Culpeper.

On my third day as director of Culpeper Renaissance, Inc., I attended a meeting with other Virginia Main Street directors. When they heard that I represented CRI, they all exclaimed that Culpeper is the poster child for a thriving and vibrant downtown!

If the State Theater is allowed to close, it will be a major hole in our downtown landscape and will be a void that will be very difficult to replace. The loss of the State and its historic character, not to mention the

Some communities spend decades trying to get projects like the State Theater planned and many more trying to find a location with as much community history as the State and never succeed. We in Culpeper have a true historic treasure. Let’s not let the lights go out on this wonderful community asset! CRI is proud to have the State Theater in Culpeper and we support their campaign. Please consider making a donation to the State Theater in its efforts to stay open.

Dan Goldstein, executive director, Culpeper Renaissance, Inc.